Books You Should Get

30 08 2010

1: The Road

2: The Good Soldiers

3: Shutter Island

4: The Terror


The most backwards organization to ever graze the Earth

30 08 2010

I read an article today in the New York Post that described supposed Taliban feelings towards Park51, the mosque and community center set to be built two blocks from Ground Zero. According to the piece, the Taliban welcome anti-Islamic sentiment on the basis that it gives them more more anti-American verbal fodder to launch at potential recruits.

The Taliban are an organization that would die before allowing a Christian church to be built in any region under their control, and yet they would use the American sensitivity over 9/11 as ammunition to further spread hate against the very country they are trying to tear down because of our principals of freedom and liberty, which are the precise characteristics of our nation that would allow the mosque to be built in the first place. The Taliban is a confused, racist, unintelligent, and stubborn organization that is the backbone of evil on this planet.